The big puzzle in economics today: why is the economy growing so slowly?

Theory 1: We’re running out of innovations
Theory 2: There’s too little spending
Theory 3: Bad corporate governance is causing companies to under-invest
Theory 4: The economy is weighed down with debt
Theory 5: Excessive regulation is holding back growth
Theory 6: There’s too much housing regulation in big cities
Theory 7: The economy is becoming dominated by big, incumbent companies
Theory 8: A slow-growing, aging population is hurting growth

A little friction is a good thing

When you have to put a little work into posting, you take it more seriously. I wonder if fake news would have spread so quickly on Facebook if it was a little more difficult to share an article before you’ve read more than the headline.

Fake news and Instagram by Manton Reece

Manton is definitely onto something. Curious to see where he runs with it.